Monday, July 25, 2011

Crochet Ruffle Baby Bloomers

I made some crochet baby bloomers last week, and I must say, they are SUPER cute!

For these bloomers, I used this basic pattern. I modified the waistband a bit, and I have to say, though this pattern says the diaper cover will fit 0-3 months, this fit my 18-month-old quite well! I am planning to experiment next week with my own pattern for a diaper cover, made in a different manner. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, this is another cute diaper cover pattern on the same blog.

For my particular diaper cover, I added 2 layers of ruffles to the bum. How did I do it?

Well, it was easy!

Lay the bloomers flat and find where you would like your ruffle to start and end. Join in your yarn at your starting point and sc across to your end point. Ch 1. Turn. Sc 2 in each sc across. Ch 1. Turn. Dc in each sc across.

Finish it up with a shell stitch. *Ch 2. Sk 2. Dc 5 in next. Ch 2. Sk 2. Sc 1.* Rep from * to end. Weave in ends. Done! ;)

Additionally, I added a ribbon to the waistband by weaving it in and out through every 2 dcs. I left plenty of stretch room and tied it in a bow in the front of the bloomers. I love them!

I also decided to make a sc hat to match the bloomers. As I got to the bottom of the hat, I added a row of dc in order to weave ribbon into the hat as well. Simple and adorable!


  1. Your set is sooo CUTE!!! Do you have the pattern for the beanie hat?

  2. Precious!!! Definitely making these for my newest Grand daughter!! thanks!

  3. how did you modify for the top? It also looks like you modified the crotch with dc instead of sc, am I correct?

    I love this and have made one with little frillies on the bum myself!

    Thanks for the insiration!

  4. Thank you! Just finished my first diaper cover and it needs ruffles!

  5. Replies
    1. If you click the word "this," it will take you to the pattern. :)

    2. If you click the word "this," it will take you to the pattern. :)

  6. Can you tell me how to make this pattern smaller for a newborn? I made one for my friend and it was way to big for her baby. Like you state it fit your 18 month old. Definitely needs major adjustments to fit a 0-3 month old. I would need it to fit newborn also.

    1. I haven't made one again since this one. I'll see if I can play around with it again soon. :)

  7. Okay Thank You. I was going to make my little sister one for her baby shower gift June 8th but if you can't get back to me soon that's okay. I just know I can't do this pattern because it is way too big.

  8. Hi there
    Can you give me measurements please, mine turned out 3 inches wide lol

  9. Thank you for sharing! I used a different pattern for the diaper cover so it's much smaller. So following your pattern made the ruffles a little overwhelming. So I adjusted it by using hdc instead of DC! Turned out perfect thank you!!

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