Saturday, July 9, 2011

Puzzle Sticks: A SUPER Easy Kids Craft!

Here's a very, very simple tutorial on puzzle sticks. You just need some craft sticks, masking tape, a folder (or something like it), and markers. That's it! Easy and fun for all ages!

These pictures probably tell the story themselves, but I'll use words anyway. :)

Tape a series of craft sticks to a folder or poster board, or anything that is stable and not easily ruined. :)

Draw a picture on the sticks! It can be anything. Since we love Spiderman, that's what I drew. We also painted his eyes white, but paint isn't necessary. We only chose that because white is a tough color to achieve otherwise. 

Color in the picture!

Take it apart!

Mix 'em up, and it's a puzzle!

I thought that just in case the smoke and sickness keep us inside awhile longer, we might make a few more of these puzzles, so I added a star to the back of each of the sticks. Our next puzzle will have a diamond shape on the back, and so on. It'll help us keep the sticks straight. I think it'd be cute to make a crayon-roll-esque holder for all your puzzle sticks. They'd be a great travel item since they are so cheap and easy to replace! 

Anyway, hope you have fun with this one! I'd love to see your Puzzle Sticks if you make them!

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