Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kids Craft: Portable Hopscotch Mat

Today, Ephraim and I made a portable hopscotch mat! It was so easy and fun, and we are already enjoying it! Here's how you do it.

- Multicolored electrical tape
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Piece of cardboard
- Rug pad or large piece of fabric or rubber, a yoga mat would also work well (We got the rug pad at Lowe's for about $4. It is durable, and it is NOT slippery.)

Gather your materials.

Since our rug pad was 2 ft. x 4 ft., I cut a 7 inch square from cardboard to use as a template for my squares. You can wing it as well. ;) 

Lay the cardboard on the mat and begin to trace with a pencil, where you would like the squares to be.

Once you are done tracing, use your electrical tape to go over your lines. 

Use more of your electrical tape to put the numbers inside each of the squares.

I then sewed a quick bean bag to use with our game, but you could use a rock or whatever you like! 


When you are done, you can roll up your mat and take it to a new playing location. I may eventually sew a yoga mat bag to make it a little more portable, but not today! :) 

Have FUN!


  1. Sadly I have no clue how to play hopscotch. Ha! This is cute though!

  2. That's okay, Eva. He has no clue how to play either! :)