Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's Make a Hair Bow

I'm having a busy week helping out at 2nd Mile Ministries (and LOVING it!), so glue gun crafts are the way to go!

Anyway, there are about a million ways to make a hair bow, but I'll share the particular method that I used tonight.

Glue Gun
Alligator Clip
Floral Wire (I use floral wire, as opposed to jewelry wire, because it is MUCH less expensive. That tip was totally free of charge. You're welcome.)

Here we go:

Start heating up your glue gun.

Cut two different lengths of ribbon. Let's say these were about 18 inches and 16 inches. (I didn't actually measure, but let's say it anyway.) Singe the ends of both pieces of ribbon.

Glance over at your floral wire. (Really, I just put this picture here to show what it looks like if you go purchase some.) I like to use wire when making hair bows because it still allows me to adjust the bow as I work... just a preference. Like I said, there are a million ways to make hair bows. :)

Fold the shorter length of ribbon like so.

Pull the center overlapping piece toward the middle, like so.

Bring the two tails across that middle piece. You may have to fiddle with it a bit at this point to get it even. I sure do. :)

Take a small piece of floral wire, as bellow, and wrap around the center of your ribbon.

Your bow should now look like this.

Leave the tails of your wire loose. Repeat the folding process with the second, longer length of ribbon. Place it behind the shorter one, and wrap the wire around them both. 

Set aside the bow. Now, cut a 4-1/2 inch length of thin ribbon (3/8 inch wide). Singe the ends with a lighter. Grab your alligator clip and place a small line of glue along the inside top. (DO NOT CLOSE CLIP, OR YOU'LL GLUE IT SHUT.) Place ribbon inside clip along glue line. Now, you can close the clip. *PHEW!

There will probably be some glue peaking out through the top of the clip, but add a little more to reach the end. Wrap the ribbon over the top of the clip. 

Add a couple dots of glue to the clamp side, and to the bottom, to attach the rest of the ribbon. 

Cut a very short length of ribbon and singe the ends. (Let's say 2 inches.)

Place a dot of glue just on the top center of the ribbon. Center the ribbon over the glue and place on top. 

Add a line of glue to the top of the alligator clip and attach to the back of the bow. 

Glue and wrap the ends of the short ribbon around INSIDE the alligator clip.


Admire your work... and make some more!

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  1. Love it! Thank you for sharing. I've been in the mood to do some crafts with bows, but haven't gotten around to looking up how to do it. This will be one of our crafts next week when SJ starts school. I've been wanting to find something to do with her. :)