Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Pirate Crochet Collection

Check out my newest creation - the pirate crochet collection! By the way, my son said today, "Mom, you crochet really fast." It's true. I made one of those shoes on a car ride to Starbucks and back... while driving. SYKE. ;)

The classic striped pirate hat with ties.

The pirate shoe, with modifications, courtesy of Stitch Nation

The pirate patch is a must have.

The collection!

Also, as I was making this stuff, I put the patch on another hat I'd made.

And I thought, " That is adorable!" So, I made a pirate parrot!

He kind of reminds me of an angry bird, which is probably quite appropriate. ;)

ARRRRRRR ya happy with this collection!??! I am!

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