Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crochet Flip Flops and an Experiment Gone Wrong!

I promised you a crochet flip-flop pattern, so here it is!

For the sole:
Using an H hook, sc 13. Sc in 2nd ch from hook.
Sc 10. 3 sc in 1st ch.
Sc 10. 3 sc in 1st sc. 2 sc in next.
Sc 8. 2 sc in next 4.
Sc 9. Hdc in next. 2 hdc in next 4. Hdc in next.
Sc 8. Hdc in next 3. 2 hdc in next 4. Hdc in next 13.
2 Hdc in next 4. Hdc in next 13. Sc 1. Sl st. Invisible join.

(This fits my daughter, who wears a size 6 toddler shoe.)

Cut a VERY LONG piece of yarn and join it in at one of the sides, where you'd like the strap to be attached. 

Tie a loose knot.

Using BOTH strands, ch 10. 

Join in at the toe. Then sc 5 back up the chain you just made. Next, turn and make a ch 6 toward the other side of the sole. Join in at the other side of the sole. Turn. Sc straight across the chain, from the right side of the sole to the left. Join. Weave in ends.

Join another long piece of yarn into the toe side of the strap. Ch 24. Turn. Sl st in 5th ch from end (making a loop for your buttonhole).

The crochet part is done! Well, obviously, you've got to make two of them, and do the opposite thing on the opposite shoe. As I said in my Crochet Gladiator Sandals post, you could use any sole pattern and apply this same technique to make flip flops. No problemo. 

THIS IS WHERE THINGS WENT WRONG! Okay, so this idea would work if I had more time and energy, but I figured you'd get a kick out of seeing my total disasters sometimes. It's all part of crafting!

I bought some brown vinyl. I was looking for leather, but vinyl was all I could find. It's pleathery, at least, but I don't like that it has the white background. I knew that was going to be trouble next to a dark brown yarn. Oh well. 

Trace the sole on the vinyl, leaving extra space.

Cut it out and sew it straight to the bottom of the shoe. I was doing this to make them outdoor friendly. So far, so good.

Trim the excess.

Not terrible. 

Next up, I cut a 1-inch strip of vinyl to use as sort of a bias around the edge of the sole. IF I take these apart and redo it, I would make this a bit wider, maybe 1-1/2 inches, or really, just use real leather that doesn't have white underneath it because the horrific-ness of what happened would not be quite as obvious. 

I didn't even pin. Should've known better. 

HAAHAHAHAH!!!! What a mess! 

So, I may seam rip the bias part and redo it. I was actually thinking of replacing the vinyl there with a funky fabric, just to give these shoes a little something different. I'll keep you posted. ;) I really was being practical in making these because Aspen just needs a plain 'ole brown shoe. I may add a flower as well. We'll see if I can come up with some sort of redemption from this mess.

Obviously, I have yet to sew on the button so that the back straps will fasten, but that would be the last logical step. ;)

As always, feel free to use my patterns for yourself or your friends, but don't use them for items you sell! (But if somebody wants to pay you for that mess, I wanna know about it!) :) 

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