Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Diaper Bag Tutorial Sew-Along

Something's bugging me. In my original post about this, I called it a "Sew-A-Long," and that is just dumb. I am sorry for that grammatical error and hope you will forgive it. What I meant to say was, "Sew-Along!"

Anyway, I think it's time we get started. Don't you? So, let's start with ordering our fabrics.

We are making a loose interpretation of this bag.

And it really will be a LOOSE interpretation. I have decided to simplify it a bit, so that any sewer can join in and not be intimidated. I will break it up into little bits each week. This week, your job is just to purchase your fabrics. Also, I can't really tell from the picture how big this bag is, but I am making this one a bit large. I like to be able to shove all my junk in there (15" wide x 7" deep x 18" high). ;)

Here is what you need (and I'm allowing extra in case you make mistakes):
 - 1 yard of outer fabric (You can choose whatever you like. I used a quilting fabric for my last bag, and it has held up great, as it was fused to fleece. For this bag, I ordered some Amy Butler laminated cotton from See below. Also, it is 60 inches wide.)
 - 1-1/2 yards of inner fabric (I chose some fun Michael Miller purple stuff. It is 45 inches wide.)
 - 1 yard of fusible fleece (This will make our bags durable.)
 - 1 STRIP of an accent fabric (This will be like the orange on the bag above. It should be about 3 inches wide by 15 inches long, so you really do not need much.)
 - 44 inches of 1/4" braided elastic
 - 1 panel of Peltex (stiff craft stuff), which will be about 14" x 6"
 - 1/2 yard midweight interfacing
 - Medium size safety pin or loop turner
 - 1 spool coordinating thread (I'm a Sulky girl, myself.)

Alright, I HOPE this is everything. Please know that this is a challenge for me, explaining what I am doing in written words, so bear with me and forgive all my mistakes in advance! 

Also, hopefully that supply list helps you understand my hesitation about making bags for other people. Supplies themselves cost a fortune! Just WAIT till you see the labor. 

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