Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Felting Wool Beads

So this is a fun and REALLY easy craft! Special thanks to Kerri, from Athena Creates, for sharing from her wool stash for this project! :)

 - Wool roving
 - Bowl with warm, soapy water (just a bit of dish soap will do the trick)
 - Paper towel
 - Embroidery Floss
 - Sharp needle
 - Ribbon
 - Glue Gun
 - Lighter
 - Earring hooks

This is what wool roving looks like. They sell it in smaller quantities at some craft stores. It is easier to find large quantities online. 

Fill your bowl with warm, soapy water. Pull off a bit of the roving. Dip it in the water and begin rolling it into a ball. Roll, roll, roll the ball. It will take longer than you think. Eventually, the ball will be difficult to pull apart, and look like a solid bead. When it does, you are done. Sit it down on the paper towel to dry. A rather large amount of wool makes a rather small bead. You'll have to experiment as you go. Also, if you kind of pull a group of fibers off, and turn them in several different directions, you will avoid creases and folds in the beads. 

An hour or so later, I made this many beads, and my roving was all gone. 

I then threaded them together with a sharp needle and embroidery floss. Over the next few hours, the beads dry solid and hard. I threaded them without waiting. Either way, it's fine. :)

I sewed the floss onto 2 pieces of ribbon, and glued them on as well. Using the lighter, I fray seared the edges of the ribbon. 

This is what the necklace looks like now. :)

I then threaded two of the smaller beads together, going down and back up through both. I tied the two ends of thread in a few knots on the earring hooks. I reinserted the loose ends of the thread through only the top bead, and cut it right on the underside, meaning that the loose end was then encased within the bead. (I did the same with the necklace.)

All done!

Try 'em on!