Thursday, September 22, 2011

Girls Romper Tutorial - Variation C and D

It's been a long time coming, but here is another variation of the girls romper tutorial.

1 yard of fabric
Thread in coordinating color
Elastic thread

First, cut your pattern pieces. The ones I have provided will make a romper in roughly at 2T/3T size. I tried to make mind a bit large in the hopes that it will still be wearable next summer. The elasticity is really forgiving, and remember that length changes more than width in little ones. :)

Pattern Piece A, Part 1
Pattern Piece A, Part 2
Pattern Piece B, Part 1
Pattern Piece B, Part 2

Print the pieces and overlap them at the indicated lines, in order to use them to cut your pattern pieces. Incidentally, these would be perfect for just making a pair of shorts as well.

You should also cut the following:

Four pieces, 2" x 10" in size (for variation D only)
Two pieces, 16" x 9" in size.

Sew the curves in each of the 4 pattern pieces, right sides together. 

Next up, line up the sides of the shorts, and sew the side seams, right sides together. 

Pin and sew across the crotch of the shorts.

Next, line up the two large rectangle pieces, 16" x 9". Sew them right sides together, down the short sides.

Flip the shorts right side out, and place the rectangle tube, inside out, around the shorts. Line up the top of the shorts with the bottom of the top rectangle tube and sew the two pieces together. Set aside.

If you are making variation D, sew the sides of the two straps, right sides together. Turn them right side out and iron them flat.

Now, you should press and sew a hem in the top  edge of the romper, and in the legs of the romper. 

Also, press and sew the ends of the straps shut.

Now it is time for some shirring! Hand wind your elastic thread on to the bobbin. Do not wind it too tightly. Use the top thread as usual. I actually have trouble doing this in my machine with the drop-in bobbin, so I have to switch to the old machine. According to the interweb, this problem is not unique to me. :/

I started at the center seam between the shorts and top portion of the romper. I sewed a straight line all the way around. When you are shirring, the first line may look pretty normal. As you continue to sew additional lines of stitch, though, it will begin to gather. I sewed a total of 6 lines of stitch, 3 below the center seam, and 2 above it, using the side of my presser foot as the guide. 

I repeated the same process at the top of the romper, making 6 lines of stitch there as well. 

(Sorry I failed to take pictures of this part. I was working quickly.)

So, that will give you variation C, the strapless romper! My little lady is a bit too little to be going strapless, so  I went with variation D.

I stretched the fabric out, and sewed the straps on about 3 inches from the side seams, going straight across one of my already stitched lines, stretching as I went.

Voila! Variation D.

Commence romping!

(Even though the above picture is horrible quality, it was too funny to leave out!)

Happy Sewing!

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