Friday, September 23, 2011

Kids Craft: Foam Ball Wreath

This is a SUPER easy kids craft, and could be "fancied up" in about a zillion different ways. My boy was making it, so I let him take charge.

Lots of Styrofoam balls (we bought 6 packages at the Dollar Tree)
Styrofoam wreath (we bought a small floral wreath at the Dollar Tree as well)
Acrylic or tempera paints
... And anything else you'd like to use to jazz it up!

Stick toothpicks in each of the styrofoam balls.

Dip the balls in paint, and use paintbrushes to spread the paint all over the rest of the ball. It would be fun to add glitter to this step, if your participant were a little girlier than mine! ;) He wasn't interested.

You can either let the balls dry by sticking them into a large piece of foam, or get a little messy and stick them straight into the wreath. Large balls first, medium second, and small last. My little man wanted to leave two of them white, so we did. ;) 

You can see a little of our paint mixed unintentionally, but he was really happy with his finished project. He did not want to add any "ribbons or bows or girl stuff," so this bad boy is done! I think it actually looks really great for a few bucks and a craft totally made by a kid!

Not too shabby!


Here are some other things we did this week:

And a little bit of graphing with M&Ms!

Happy Kid Crafting!

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