Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Embroidery Designs and Busy Bees!

Good grief, my Etsy shop is BUSY!

I am SUPER excited, but let me just tell you the orders I currently have to fill.

 - 2 adult owl hats
 - 1 child owl hat
 - 1 child Spiderman hat
 - 2 headbands with flower clips
 - 1 long-sleeved Gator onesie
 - 1 black tutu
 - 1 Gator ensemble (embroidered Gator onesie and orange & blue polka dot skirt)
 - 2 embroidered blankets
 - 10 embroidered burp cloths (various designs)
 - 11 embroidered onesies (various designs)
 - 1 embroidered bib
 - 2 embroidered shirts (various designs)

Holy cow! Yay for business! BOOMING.... but, until I get a little more caught up, I am NOT adding anything else to my Etsy shop, and I am hoping to enlist some help soon! ;)

Anyway, an old friend of mine hired me for a ginormous job (a lot of what is listed above). There are several baby boys on the way in her family, so here are just a couple of the new embroidery designs I'm working on for her. Also, if you think you know who she is and/or who these babies are, please don't say anything. Some of these are shower gifts, and it would be totally lame to post a link to this on Facebook and be like, "Hey @so-and-so, I think this stuff is for your babies!" They are local people. We have lots of common friends, and if you think you know who it is, you probably do. I'll be sure to get them to send me some pics of their kids down the road, but don't be spoil sports. ;)

Fire Truck Design

L'il Peanut Design

"My dad can Hose your dad" design

Fun, huh? :) 

I am thinking about making and selling some original designs in my Etsy shop down the road a bit. I am super sarcastic, so I have all sorts of one-liners in  my head, basically all the time. Surely some other people have the same thoughts as me and would like to buy my designs to be able to use on their embroidery machines?. For instance, don't you want a onesie that says, "Please wipe your hands on mommy's face first." ??? I do. Don't steal that, for real. 

I also wanted to give a shout out to my sweet friend, Jenifer! She borrowed my embroidery machine a few days ago, and brought me back an AMAZING gift.

A brand new pair of Gingher curved embroidery scissors. Honestly, now that I've used them just a few times, I have no idea how I was doing embroidery, and ESPECIALLY applique, without them. MUST HAVE!. Thanks Jen!

So, in the midst of all this busy-ness, I've got a family member with a serious health issue and two kids with fevers, snot, coughs, and general disgustingness. No FUN. I am thankful to have lots of crafts on my plate though. Since we are stuck indoors, and there is a lot of sleeping going on, it is the perfect time for crafting. Also, staying busy is one of my coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety and stress. Makes sense, right? Stressed? Add more stress. Duh. ;) 

I have been very disappointed that I've so far missed out on the first week of the after-school program at 2nd Mile. I was SO looking forward to that, but alas, sick kids come first. I'm hoping they'll be better in time to pop in by week's end. 

Well, thanks for reading this random rambling... and thanks for your business and support!

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