Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sew Vintage

I adore this Simplicity Sewing Book, copyright 1954! Just the cover is amazing! It originally sold for $0.35, but is now on Ebay for $8.00!

Don't you love the cover?!

The back cover features an advertisement from Talon zippers.

I loved this page with essential tools! Look at the sewing machine!!!!

There is also a guide to flatter your figure, including guides for "looking taller, enhancing your bosom, tapering your hips, hiding your middle, looking slimmer, or adding pounds." So funny!

But THIS is the very best page! "The Best Colors for Your Type"

In case you were wondering, here's the chart. You'll have to look below to read the categories and reference them above because all the colors were not named. 

Page Left:

Blonde Hair/Blue Eyes         Blonde Hair/Brown Eyes        Ash Blonde/Hazel Eyes

Black Hair/Blue Eyes          Black Hair/Brown Eyes          Brown Hair/Brown Eyes

Page Right:
                                          Grey Hair/Brown Eyes            White Hair/Blue Eyes

Brown Hair/Blue Eyes         Red Hair/Blue Eyes                Auburn Hair/Brown Eyes

LOVE this book! :) I want you to see every single page because some of it is SO funny!

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