Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kids Craft: Columbus Day Boat Race

Last week's kids craft was more about education than about crafting. Since it was Columbus Day, we held a Columbus Day Boat Race. It is SUPER easy! No real craftiness required.

Pool, tub, or basin
Craft Foam
Scotch Tape

1.  Cut your craft foam into a shape resembling the picture below.

2.  Fold up the two points and tape them together well. Make sure you cover up the holes so that your ship does not take on water!

3.  Tape the name of the ship to one of the toothpicks, and tape the toothpick inside the boat.

4.  Make the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.  Explain to the child that Christopher Columbus was an explorer who brought three ships all the way across the Atlantic Ocean looking for a way to India. Instead, he found the "new world," where we live today! (You can get as detailed and technical as you like, according to your child's age and understanding.)

5.  Place the three ships over in EUROPE, and have a race, blowing the ships across the ATLANTIC OCEAN, to NORTH AMERICA. We did this over and over because it was so fun! Be aware that the ships won't stand up perfectly straight, but they will float. It was a fun little craft, and he definitely got the point. :)

Anyway, our other crafts from last week included the following.

And fun with Paper Plate Fractions! (Yes, we did them both on the same day. Crazy week!) ;)

Little lady did some artwork as well.

Happy Crafting!

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