Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kids Craft: Handmade Tree Art

Last week's kids craft was inspired by this post.

Aren't those trees so cute!??! My only "objection" is that I'm kind of a purest when it comes to kids crafts, and I really like for them to be able to do the whole thing themselves. My 4-year-old does not have the dexterity or patience to cut out a zillion leaves, so we opted for the au naturale leaves from the back yard!

Canvas (I bought mine for $4 at Joanns. They were 40% off.)
Scrap of brown fabric
School Glue
Paint brush

Here's how we did it!

1.  Pick some leaves!

2.  Bring them inside and set aside.

3.  Trace the child's forearm/hand on a piece of brown fabric. Have them cut it out if they can, or you get to help with this part. 

4.  Mix equal parts school glue and water (or use Mod Podge - same thing).

5.  Dip the leaves in the glue mixture and arrange them on your canvas. Then, place the brown handprint on top as the tree trunk.

6.  Using your paint brush, slather on the glue mixture. It dries clear, so no worries about a mess!

7.  Wait for it to dry. It may take a couple of days, depending on how heavy you were with your glue mixture.

8.  Have the child sign the canvas with a marker, and add the year. 

9.  Display and enjoy!

As you can see, some of our leaves curled up and stick off the canvas a bit. I think it looks pretty fun and authentic. :) 

Here were our other activities last week:

1.  Homemade Moon Sand. I would call this a major fail, because Ephraim said, "I'm not touching that. It's dirty." hahah :)

2.  Math Chart Activity. It is inspired by the chart in the link, but we explored the yard gathering center numbers of like items. For instance, we had 1 shell, 2 brown leaves, 3 tiny green leaves, etc. We filled up a chart that went from 1 through 10. Ephraim said several times while doing this, "This is so fun, Mom! This is so fun!" I don't know why he loved it so much, but it was a hit!

3.  Independent Grocery Shopping. He had the list, the cart, and did all the work! I seriously just walked with him, holding Aspen, and helping him with things he couldn't reach. He was SO proud of himself! I wish all grocery stores still had these little carts! Would it be weird if I brought one from home!?!? ;)

Happy Crafting!

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