Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kids Craft: Pumpkin Mosaic

This is a fun and easy kids craft that could be adapted to almost anything! I know that Ephraim and I made letters this way when he was a little younger. We decided to go with some fall decor, though.

1 Piece of Scrapbook Paper
1 Piece of Cardboard, Cut Slightly Smaller than Scrapbook Paper Piece
Sheets of Colored Foam in Desired Colors
School Glue
Box Cutter

1.  Gather your supplies.

2.  Glue your Scrapbook Paper on top of your piece of cardboard. The cardboard will give your artwork stability, and since the scrapbook paper is slightly larger, it will be hidden. Also, the paper will be completely covered in mosaic tiles, so the bumpiness of the glue will not show through.

3.  Set aside. 

4.  Start cutting. Cut out about a zillion little squares (or squarish shapes, in our case) in the necessary colors.

5.  Do a light pencil drawing of your picture on the scrapbook paper. It should have dried to the cardboard by this point.

6.  Lay out and glue on the squares where appropriate. Fill the entire scrapbook page.

7.  Allow time for your artwork to dry.

8.  Parents, cut 2 slits in the top of the cardboard/scrapbook paper once it has dried. Thread ribbon through both slits, and hang your masterpiece!

These were our other kids crafts last week:

Homemade Slime, which we have played with every single day since making it. HUGE hit!

And a paper plate clock, which we used just to get the "general idea" of telling time. You need multiplication skills to learn the minute hand, so it's a bit early for that. :)

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