Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Embroidery Designs Preview

Since the holidays are LITERALLY just around the corner, I thought I'd give you a preview of all the Christmas embroidery and applique designs that I have available. All of these designs were made by and purchased from Lynnie Pinnie, so if you've got a machine and want to get them yourself, go check out the site!

Otherwise, if you'd like to purchase a shirt, onesie, bag, or any other item with any of these designs, contact me right away! There is not much time until Christmas!

All of these pictures are from the Lynnie Pinnie site, so there may be some variation on fabric availability for appliques. I am also able to add names, make some small alterations to designs, and use any color scheme that you'd like!

Santa with bag

Mrs. Claus

Santa's face

Toy Soldier


Christmas Truck

Nativity Scene


Girl Elf

Boy Elf

Santa's Sleigh with Reindeer


Christmas Birdie

Christmas Puppy

Christmas Kitty

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Ladybug

Elf Shoes

Christmas Tree #1



Mooey Christmas

Christmas Cookie Name

Christmas Tree #2

Monogrammed Ornament

Christmas Tree #3

Christmas Tree #4

Christmas Tree #5

Christmas Tree #6

Christmas Tree #7

Christmas Tree #8

Christmas Tree #9

Christmas Tree #10

Mod Christmas Trees

I Love Santa

Santa Boy

Santa Girl

Santa Baby Boy

Santa Baby Girl

Santa's Head #2

Jesus in the Manger

Candy Cane

Joy to the World

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