Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Custom Hats, and I Need Your Opinions!

So, here are a couple of custom hats I made for a client.

For the first hat, I want your opinions. It's an electric guitar, as you can see.... 

Should it be left plain?

Should I add this lightning bolt?

Should I add this black star? (Forgive me for not taking off the lightning bolt underneath...) I can possibly make the star a bit smaller. Should I try the star in red? 

Do you have any other ideas/suggestions?

I thought about adding black yarn to make guitar strings, but the neck of the guitar is too thin, and can barely hold two strands of yarn. I then considered embroidery thread, but it would be super duper hard to get the line straight, it stretches at a different rate than the yarn, and even with that, I could probably only get three strands. So, I'm open. What are your thoughts!?!? 

And I'm really happy with my skills accomplishing this second hat. Please refrain from political comments. It was a custom request. ;) 


  1. Sweet hat. I think I like the lightening bolt. :)

  2. They are all cool! I kind of like it plain!