Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Puff Stitch Hat and Scarf Pattern

I've been busy filling Christmas orders, but I thought I'd share the hat and scarf patterns that I used. The puff stitch is a simple technique that gives your crochet item a bit of a textured look. Also, just a tip - it is much easier to do the puff stitch with the crochet hooks that have a sharper hook, for lack of a better term. Susan Bates hooks are great for this. See the picture below.

The Susan Bates hook is on the right. It is easier because you are essentially performing multiple half-double crochets at one time. It can be a bit tricky to get the rhythm right and to make the loops loose enough, but it is a useful technique.

Here are the custom items that I made with the puff stitch.

For the hat, I used THIS PATTERN, except I made 14 rounds of puff stitches and then 2 rows of single crochets at the bottom. 

For the scarf, I used THIS PATTERN until the scarf was 5 feet long. I've read before that a scarf should be the same height as the person who wears it. I added 12-inch lengths of tassels at the end, folded in half. On each end, there are 18 lengths of black yarn and 18 lengths of teal yarn. 

If you can crochet and need a gift, this might be just the thing! :)

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