Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kids Craft: Fun with Airplanes!

This week, we've been learning about airplanes. Today, we did a couple of crafty activities with that theme in mind. They were both super simple, but plenty of fun for the little one!

First, the craft stick airplane picture...

I gave him a piece of blue craft foam and a white piece of chalk to draw clouds in the sky. 

We then glued this "plane" in the sky and set it aside to dry. 

Once it was dry, he colored his plane and of course wanted to add some glitter. That's all! 

Just plain old artsy fun!

Our second activity was making and using some homemade math manipulatives.

I printed out a couple of simple airplane shapes, and then cut them out.

We used them as a template to trace planes on to scraps of felt, and then cut out the airplanes.

This is how we dance when we cut.

We made 10 planes in all, but obviously you can do whatever you like. I'm not the boss of you.

I then made THIS simple worksheet. My little man LOVES worksheets. They make him feel really grown, so a couple times a week, I acquiesce. ;)

He's sounding out the word "how."

The worksheet asks questions like:
How many RED planes are there?
How many WHITE planes are there?
How many RED + WHITE planes are there? 
How many planes are there in ALL?

So, he was able to practice reading, color recognition and sorting, counting, simple addition, and writing numbers.

And he got them all right! His 3s are always backward, and I love that the first answer was 2, but he wrote "TOO." 

Hope you have fun with airplanes 2! (or too, whatever you prefer)

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