Friday, March 30, 2012

Kids Craft: Magnetic Fishing Pole Game

THIS IS SOOO FUN!!! It requires very little effort, and it is bringing great joy and entertainment to both of my kids! You HAVE to do it!

You can follow the instructions on the original link. We simplified ours just a bit, by just tying the string to a piece of bamboo, rather than drilling a hole, and we didn't use a template. Just winged it! ;) We also didn't use googly eyes, because I didn't have any. We spent exactly $0.00 on this project and just used things that were laying around.

Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sew Vintage: Cloth World Sewing Pamphlets

For today's Sew Vintage, I thought I would share some of my collection of Cloth World sewing pamphlets. Everything you ever wanted to know, you can learn from a well-aged pamphlet! ;)

"How to Sew Fast" is my personal favorite! It reads:  "The Daredevil Seamstress Speaks:  Ample Annie says,  'In order to sew fast....
1.  Turn off all music, TV, and radio noise while cutting out a pattern - that is when you need to concentrate.
2.  Turn on a speedy banjo or intense Beethoven music when sewing.
3.  Take the telephone off the hook until you are ready to do handwork.
4.  Drink coffee with sugar or eat cookies for energy." 

Cookies?! WHAT. I'm in!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Honey Do: Magnetic Fishing Pole Kids Craft

This week's Honey Do will actually get done this week! :)

This is part of Friday's lesson plan, and it just looks SO cute and fun! I'm excited to make it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Custom Embroidery Designs

I've been finishing up lots of custom embroidery designs and thought I'd let you take a peek!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sew Vintage: American Thread Co. Star Gift Book No. 150

This week's Sew Vintage is an American Thread Co. Star Gift Book, titled "Gifts: Knitted, Crocheted, Swedish Embroidery." You are going to LOOOOOVEE some of these gifts! ;)

I'm not sure about the year on this booklet, but it originally sold for $0.10.

Check out the pics!

You know every child would like a terrifying puppet or "wild yak yak!" I can't wait for the next birthday party we attend! ;)

How LOVELY would I look sporting one of these? And that idea of putting hair on a hairless baby has apparently been around for quite some time. :)

Scary Pot Holders, anyone?

This mobile, though, actually IS really cute! Love it! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crochet Pattern: Newborn Shell Stitch Hat

Yesterday, I made this custom order.

I thought I would share the pattern for the beanie with you today!

Using an F hook and cotton yarn, ch 3. Join with a sl st at beginning ch to form a loop. 
Round 1. Ch 2. Dc 11 in center of ring. Join with a sl st. (12)
Round 2.  Ch 2. Dc in same. 2 dc in each dc around. Join with sl st. (24)
Round 3.  Ch 2. Dc in same. *1 dc in next, 2 dc in next. Repeat from * around. Join with sl st. (35)
Round 4.  Ch 2. Dc in same. *Dc in next 2, 2 dc in next. Repeat from * around. Join with sl st. (46)
Round 5.  Ch 2. Dc in each st around. (46)
Round 6.  Ch 2. 2 Dc in same. *Sk 2, 3 dc in next. Repeat from * around. Join with a sl st. (46)
Rounds 7-10. Sl st over to first sp. 3 dc in each sp around. Join with sl st.
Round 11. Ch 2 in first sp. 7 dc in same sp. *Ch 1 in next sp. 8 dc in next sp. Repeat from * around. Join with sl st. Weave in ends. 

I will try to share the flower and leaf patterns with you tomorrow! :) 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sew Vintage: Make Your Own Fabric Covered Cuff Links

Haven't you always wanted to make your own fabric covered cuff links?? Well, now you can!

I'm not sure of the year of origin on this little gem, but I think they are amazing! These were made by Risdon and originally sold for $0.25.

Father's Day will be here before we know it... so if you need to borrow this, hit me up! ;)