Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sew Vintage: Cloth World Sewing Pamphlets

For today's Sew Vintage, I thought I would share some of my collection of Cloth World sewing pamphlets. Everything you ever wanted to know, you can learn from a well-aged pamphlet! ;)

"How to Sew Fast" is my personal favorite! It reads:  "The Daredevil Seamstress Speaks:  Ample Annie says,  'In order to sew fast....
1.  Turn off all music, TV, and radio noise while cutting out a pattern - that is when you need to concentrate.
2.  Turn on a speedy banjo or intense Beethoven music when sewing.
3.  Take the telephone off the hook until you are ready to do handwork.
4.  Drink coffee with sugar or eat cookies for energy." 

Cookies?! WHAT. I'm in!

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